Sunday, September 5, 2010

"Introduction To In-Correct's BlogSpot":

This is actually my very first blog. At one time, Google did not have all of its services linked with one user account. When they began this new feature, this blog got mixed up with my old google account and everything else, including new blogs, was created with a new universal google account. Everything has been set up with this new account and it has been like this for a while, and I have been trying to figure out how to export my old blog. I logged into my old blogger account and also my old gmail account, and gave authorization, including administrative access, to my new universal google account. I cancelled access to the blog from my old account and now this blog is now available on my new account.

It has been like this for years until now...I created this blog

before resolving this issue. The new blog became my main one instead of this one. I deleted all my old posts since I already have them exported other blogs on the same account. New posts for this blog will contain information about profile pages of mine on websites that I don't visit anymore because of whatever reason.

I am not upset or even frustrated with Google's decision to make everything accessible only with your gmail account... Now that I figured out how to use all the features...I now understand that having all the accounts linked to the gmail account makes perfect sense. =] ^_^

I think I am going to give my old blogger account access to all of my blogs in addition to having my new blogger account having access to all of my blogs.

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