Friday, September 17, 2010

"TV dot com"

I signed up for TVTome about 6 months before the site closed. TVTome did not have Correct information about Tom & Jerry. So I tried to submit and nothing happened. TV dot com took over TV Tome in June of 2005, and I signed up as In-Correct. This is the first time that I used this user name and it was only because of: The Tom & Jerry inaccuracies, and because of "Incorrect" was already taken so I added a hyphen. I met a lot of online friends from all over the world on TV dot com and we all posted on the SpongeBob SquarePants forums, which was very fun and we posted off-topic threads numerous times. I subscribed to people, and people subscribed to me. I submitted many submissions and also became the editor of Tom & Jerry and "Trusted Contributor" for Chuck Jones. I also wrote blog posts, and reviewed many television shows and epsiodes. And obviously, I also Corrected the Tom & Jerry information which gathered all episodes, including The Tom & Jerry Comedy Show by Filmation.

Mainstream animation is not the same anymore. But that is the subject for another blog post.

TV dot com was always annoying and very slow. And then some of my blogs got deleted...I am guessing it is neglect towards their computer systems. They did not send me any messages saying that my blogs got deleted. I don't know what happened at all. But I posted another blog entry about that, and somebody suggested that I sign up for

It is a very interesting website and was only a few month old and was in development many months before. I wondered why I did not see it before. Of course TVTome was several years old and that is most likely how I found TVTome which became tv dot com. I signed up with the same User Name, In_Correct. Okay, so I accidentally used what is called an Underscore instead of a hyphen or dash or whatever. I have learned that I like In_Correct much better because it is easier to search for. If you search for "In-Correct" online, you will find search results for "incorrect"... but if you search for "In_Correct", you will get relevant search results for my profile pages!! =] ^_^ I like TVRage and decided to browse it more often. I also used "In-Correct" and variations of this for other websites that I signed up for.

Later on, TV dot com started deleting my reviews. I still don't know why.

Here are the messages:

I have not logged into TV dot com since August 2007.
These are some of the messages that I got.

Date: 12/13/2007 10:43:19 AM Community Source:
Subject: Attention all Editors: Special Circumstances
Hey everyone,

With the holidays coming up, all editors should be reminded about the Special Circumstances thread in the Ask the Editors forum. Since people will be going on seasonal breaks during the next couple of weeks, it would be fantastic if editors post their vacation plans on the Special Circumstances thread.

Also, please use the thread if you know you won't be able to check your queues for any reason whatsoever. Or if you are unable to post something yourself, ask a fellow user to post about it for you. Or at the very least PM (or have your friend PM) one of the staff members so we can make sure your queues are checked while you're away. If there are submissions in your queue past the seven day limit, they will be staff-moderated and you will be reported MIA.

Remember that you as an editor are required to clear submissions within seven days (three days for popular shows). There have already been instances where editors have lost their guides because they didn't clear out all their subs or respond to the MIA warning PM within one week. Retirement is permanent and cannot be reinstated once taken away. The staff is trying to be more diligent with MIA editors so please utilize these guidelines to ensure that you won't be force-retired. Thank you and happy holidays!"

Date: 03/04/2008 10:59:41 AM Community Source:
Subject: ALERT: You Have Just Been Retired from Tom and Jerry
We are writing to inform you that you have been retired from Tom and Jerry editorship.
You no longer have editor priviliges for this show. Thank you for supporting"

And you can see in the Special Circumstances message, they are supposed to send a warning message before retiring editors. I never recieved any of these messages.

Date: 08/31/2009 3:25:54 PM Community Source:
Subject: TOS Violation Warning.
You have been found to have violated the terms of service.
Reason for moderation: Has an unclosed font tag & is messing up text coloring on the rest of the page, please correct
Action Taken: Nothing - No points were lost for this moderation.

See your moderation history for details."

That is the entire message. So WHERE exactly is this unclosed tag?! I would be glad to resolve this issue, even after leaving the website. Unfortunately I can't resolve the issue about the unclosed tag if they did not tell me where the unclosed tag is. This is the only instance about colorizing my posts. Nobody has a problem with the posts being in color, but there was apparently an issue someplace where I accidentally did not use a font tag. That is very strange since tv dot com has a RTF editor for their forum posts which offer easy use of Colors, Sizes, And Fonts of text. And why bring this up on August 31, 2009?! I had not even logged into that site for many months!! They certainly take their time to notice issues.;profile


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